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Guida Ambientale Escursionistica

Dott. Antonio Rinaldi
Guida Ambientale Escursionistica, e Dottore in Scienze Naturali con Master in Comunicazione.
Collaboratore de La Gazzetta di Parma.
Cell. 3288116651

Number 16 – Groppo del Vescovo

Let's begin to know this valley which takes its name from the homonymous stream through the transition from the Groppo del Vescovo. The morphological characteristic of Groppo del Vescovo request an excursion on his long narrow ridge. From Berceto, get the Cisa pass along statl route 62. Here at 1039 m s.l. m, starts the CAI 0/0 and Gea paths passing in front of some houses. Start a campaign to track down a fresh pine forest lined wrought. To the left of the trail identify occasionali large beeches and a secular maple. Beyond a fence for animals and a climb the route continues in the grass reported along a stockade. The spectalur view shows the panorama of the high Lunigiana and the highest mountains of the parmesa Apennines surrounding the Lago Santo. The trail continues on a narrow ridge and near mount Valoria is a boundary marker between Parma and the Grand Ducato di Toscana which is dating 1828. From here we climb the grassy background yet reaching the summit of Mount Valoria (1229 m). We come definitely along a stockade and a grove of pines. The descent continues along a s shaped path that we abandon at mile 92 for heading to the Groppo del Vescovo. After a brief stretch in the bush we are looking saddle where the crosses the path from house Franchi. Then a straight path takes us to the Ridge, and then to the summit of the Groppo del Vescovo, rich in beech thickets where can find ideal relection for horses. You may continue until a second summit from which it’s easier to see the piles of disintegration of the rock on the South side of the mountain. The mountain that stands as IRIS Orsari Marmagna chain is Mount Fontanini 1399 m. Travel time is approximately 1 and 30.

Number 17 – Monte Borgognone

Our route starts from Cirone Pass, next to Faro Rosso restaurant which is a departure somewhat higher. We are on a road alailable by Jeep, earthy first and them grassy. We follow right a tighter groove hollowed in the sward. We go up to some thickets of beech trees on the right. The path descends into the woods around the peak crested stepped in front of us. It is a walk follow the wide path flanked by landslides of the ridge, then by scrub. Continue uphill until the exit of the grove and we are always on the 0/0 path to a saddle where there is a border from Tuscany and Parma dated 1828 and where begins again the ridge climb to the summit of Monte Borgognone. A soft grass mantle gets to the top enclosed by palisade. The mountain’s views are of particular interest to the South of the complex of Monte Orsaro and towards the green yuscan valleys of the Magra river to the West. To the North we see the parmesan Val Baganza. Our itinerary shows protected varieties of flora including carline and crocuses. Fauna presents weasels in the woods, passerines and hoopoe in the air. Travel time is approximately 0,30; to make the hike a bit more lively, about 10 ' from the start rather than following the trail that bypasses the rocky eidge, you can climb it, following the precise track at the left side on the ground. After the first crested hill there is a delicate step and a black calastrino zone that leads downhill within a clump of ridge. We reach the saddle where passes the 0/0 path and from there we continue to the top of the mountain.

I Salti del Diavolo

From Parma follow for Fornovo Taro and here by SP 62 Strada della Cisa reach the inhabited area of Cassius (41 Km). From the village turn right, following signs for Selva del Boschetto; Park near a stall right in front of the sign of Cassio just in front of the attractive rock structure. Take a small road that after passing two dwellings becomes lane; then turn left and you will reach the base of the Southwest slope of the towers. Here a loop trail runs at the base of Chiasta..